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Instander APK Old Version Free Download For Android

Instagram has been updated and tweaked to include exclusive and distinctive features called Instander. Developers have been releasing new versions with improved features for a better user experience in response to user interest. The older Instander versions and their APKs are covered here. Click this link to download the most recent version, v18.0, for Android.

Instander APK Old Version

Instander version 17.2


The version v17.2 minimal requirements are

  • Android 9+ (SDK 28)
  • ABIs ARM64-v8a, or AArch64

New features

  • Addition of the Monet theme for Android 12+;
  • Adding a theme to disable the monet;
  • feed loading on some gadgets;
  • The download button for reels is now repaired;
  • The new fonts by Alte & Hoefler are fixed;
  • increased the SDK target to 33;
  • There is a new icon for the app;
  • Updated translations are now available.

Instander APK new version available.

Beta 4 of Instander v17.2


Among the changes made in version v17.2 Beta 4 were:
Fixes for the Monet theme
Monet switch on Android 12
Increased the target SDK to 33.

Feature updates for Instander v17.2 Beta 3.

  • Added the Monet theme for Android 12 or later;
  • some devices’ launch apps have been fixed.


  • Instander Old Version On Android 12, the toggle is not available; aside from English, not all languages have the coin theme disabled.
  • Beta 1 of Instander v17.2
  • Another go at fixing the Feed.
  • Beta 0 of Instander v17.2
  • Among the fixes in v17.2 Beta 0 were:
  • Fixing the reels down button; fixing the Neue Fonts by Alte and Hoefler;
  • an issue that prevented the feed from loading was fixed.
  • Version v17.1 of Instander Old Version had the following additions and fixes:

Version v17.1 of Instander


had the following additions and fixes:

  • 60-second stories were added;
  • The three-dot menu’s download button was repaired;
  • The mobile configuration updater was updated.

Instander Old Version 17.0


This upgraded version, v17.0, has some of the most recent features implemented.

  • The switch to Instagram;
  • The minimal specifications called for Android 9+ (ARM64-v8a);
  • A scrubber for reels was added;
  • There was now a badge added when viewing live;
  • For stories, new fonts were added.
  • There were numerous translations included;
  • For SDK 31+, the Monet theme was eliminated.
  • The video scrubber was removed, and the in-app lock was removed.
  • Deleted Mark as read, used ghost mode to view narrative status;
  • deleted the backup settings for Instander;
  • The three-dot menu now has the download option, which was previously present in the feed.

Instander Old Version 16.0


The most recent additions to version 16.0 included;

  • Instagram is moving to version
  • For Android 12+, the Monet color palette was added;
  • For Android 12+, an animated splash was introduced;
  • An Android 13+ theme icon was added;
  • In BETA form, an in-app lock was added;
  • There were now sixty second stories;
  • There is now a decoder for mobile configuration developer mode.
  • There were new Instander sans fonts added;
  • The three-dot menu now has a download button;
  • “Download feed button” was hidden.
  • updated the profile with a chosen biography;
  • A redesign was made to the instander menu;
  • Every dialog was redone;
  • Every toast text has been redesigned.
  • Spanish was added, and the auto OTA feature was repaired.

Instander v16.0 Beta 3.1


The v16.0 Beta Instander Old Version included the following fixes:

  • On Android 5-11, the fingerprint upon app launch was repaired,
  • As were the instander settings and splash screen.
  • 3.0 of Instander v16.0 Beta
  • Among the changes made for this beta version were;
  • There is now a decoder for the developer mode of mobile setup;
  • A few new Instander minimal fonts added;
  • The three-dot menu now has a download button;
  • “Download feed button” has been hidden.
  • updated the profile with a chosen biography;
  • A redesign was made to the instander menu;
  • redesigned each dialogue;
  • redesigned each and every toast message
  • The auto-OTA function was corrected;
  • Fixed story time music playback; Facebook permission
  • updated Instander Old Version of Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian were added;
  • Code optimization was done.

Launchpad v16.0 Beta 2.0


Some fixes included in this version, v16.0 Beta 2.0, were

  • Photos can be downloaded directly,
  • Instander settings can be restored

Instander v16.0 Beta 1.0:

  • Android 12+’s Monet color palette; the device’s animated splash
  • Android 13+ theme icon
  • 60-second narratives; a fresh advertisement cutout
  • Beta version of the in-app lock.

Instander version 15.3

  • fixed a random Samsung crash using One UI 4;
  • fixed crash mark that some devices were reading;
  • Rebuild the app with the most recent tools.

Instander version 15.2

  • Removing the snow from those that upgraded from the XE version;
  • Resolved sporadic app crashes on certain phones.

Instander v15.1


The additions that came next were

  • Added the download of IGTV;
  • Added disable story flipping automatically;
  • Quick switch for “Do not mark direct as read” added
  • Added instander settings backup;
  • Added an instander menu with a direct post link, preview, and download;
  • fixed zoom for avatars;
  • fixed type of account modification;
  • Ads are switched on.

Instander v15.0

  • Rebase to on Instagram
  • Added a link decal
  • Put your stickers here;
  • Video scrubber is turned on by force;
  • Take out the Video Scrubber option;
  • Added Mark as Read indirect temporarily;
  • Download IGTV is not added at this time.
  • Get version 15.0 here.

Instander Old Version 14.1

  • Action buttons that have been fixed and commented;
  • fixed notifications-related application crashes;
  • repaired crash that occurred when logging in directly;
  • rectified while navigating to the profile’s initial photo;
  • a fixed remark pin icon;
  • Photo uploading and saving in WebP have been disabled.

Instander version 14.0

Rebase to Instagram version;

  • Added Android 12 animation splash screen;
  • The instander team added a menu;
  • fixed the advertisements’ presentation;
  • corrected subscription and likes errors;
  • Reels and IGTVs were added to your stories;
  • images that have been fixed and optimized for quality;
  • action buttons in comments were fixed;
  • A fixed button for downloading stories;

Instander v13.1

  • Rebase to on Instagram
  • “Video scrubber” was added to the configuration;
  • PayPal was added to the donation option;
  • “Tinkoff” was added to the donation menu;
  • Remade from translated and copied remarks.
  • enhanced quality of the narrative camera
  • Unmutual followers were eliminated, and observer code was improved.
  • several crashes were fixed;
  • devoted to seeing live broadcasts;
  • Up to 5000 more characters can now be copied.

Instander version 12.1

  • Media downloads on some devices have been fixed;
  • Pics Instander is now the default download path;

Instagram v12.0


Rebase to Instander

  • Enhanced image quality;
  • added social network menu;
  • added IGTV download;
  • Splunk MINT Crashlytics were removed;
  • set type faces;
  • Fixed absence of color when switching themes or using the worldwide black theme
  • Fixed application crash when attempting to make a complaint;
  • fixed threads on the profile.

Instander version 11.0

  • Additional non-mutual followers;
  • standardized contemporary typefaces;
  • Story quality was rebuilt;
  • numerous adjustments and improvements done.

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