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A stunning UI and amazing features, such no adverts, improved privacy, a media downloader for photos, videos, reels, and IGTV, and high-quality media uploads are all present in Instander, an InstaMod.

You can use Instander Clone in conjunction with the original Instander edition or the official Instagram app because it has a separate package name (com.instander).

Since Instander Original installs using the official Instagram program name, you must first delete the official Instagram app.

The package name is the only distinction. Apart from this, nothing has changed.

Indeed, in order to install Instander Original, you have to remove Official Instagram.

Use Instander’s Clone version.

It is an official-looking verification checkmark that is exclusive to Instander users. The developer introduced it to help the project.

Using the donation page, send a payment of 180 RUB (90 UAH/3 USD).
Put your username in the description of the transaction.
Go to the appropriate page and fill out the form.

If you change your username, the verification mark will vanish as well. Processing can take up to seven days on average

Requests for features are not honored. The_dise made Instander for his own use, and he has the last say over any feature additions.

Sending a crash log is suggested by the “Instacrash” message in the event that the app crashes.
Select your email program (Outlook, Gmail, etc.).
The crash log will automatically be generated into an email.
What you were doing prior to the crash should be described in the “USER_COMMENT” box.
For the developer, send the email.

With this setting, any video uploaded using Instander will have a bitrate of up to 12 Mbps. However, the video may lose quality as a result of compression and processing by Instagram’s servers. After compression, Instander cannot ensure a 12 Mbps bitrate.

Find “direct power-ups” in the developer settings and turn on each toggle.
Make sure you tap the first toggle to modify its value, which needs to be “1,2,3,4.”
Make sure the top toggle is turned on if you have a business account.

Navigate to the developer settings, choose the GIF’s choices, and turn them off.

Since Instagram for Smartphones is closed source, Instander’s source code is not required to be made public. Open-source changes run the risk of being used without permission or acknowledgment, which diminishes the value of the effort and deters people from doing it. Technical experts can confirm the app’s security by examining its outgoing traffic. There haven’t been any confirmed instances of password theft or account hijacking that are directly connected to Instander since May 2020.

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